0002 The App Store

Whether you use a computer or not your life is run by applications or software. The grocery store checkout clerk uses a program to make the job of collecting your money in exchange for a loaf of bread is no longer a punch key register. It is software written into the register.

The gas you are pumping and watching go up in price is running software that calculates with precision how much you are receiving. From cell phones ,to car dashboards, to home computers we are all surround by the software running our day-to-day in an effort to simplify our mundane tasks so that we can hurry up to the next program.

These software programs in recent times has been referred to applications or “apps” for short.  This term refers to an application that runs on a computer to perform a specific task. It has been a common catch phrase to say that “there’s an app for that” when faced with a technological challenge. Some parodies are on the internet spoofing that there are apps for any problem we encounter not just computer. Sesame Street does a jingle that shows all the ways you can using a pogo stick with a computer that fixes flat tires and butters bread.

To be in the now and to know you are in the now with the ability to move forward and maintain that vision..that feeling. If I could hold it I would be invincible. How I capture it? How do I bottle it? How do I make it into a pill? Or perhaps fill it in a syringe find an artery and  slam it into my system. With unlimited refills. What you do have you do to get  that substance? Where can you go to get this feeling? You know what there’s an app.

The human mind is the most advanced computer known to mankind. We have the ability in an instant to distinguish hundreds of flavors and smells. The body and its sophisticated senses can identify millions of sounds and billions of colors. Our bodies can visualize in the mind and see things with our thoughts as they are and as they could be. Some may even see things as they are not. That is Insanity and we will discuss this in later chapters.

What I’m talking about mental apps that we program carefully to perform specific functions that make our lives better. Our bodies are always making default responses to outside stimulus and have the ability to alter the state of mind simply by calling it into existence in the moment. From birth our hunger for nourishment and response to discomfort are the first triggers on this amazing programmer’s journey.

From our childhood we continue to create the hard wiring through practice or simply modifying a slightly desirable outcome to become the perfect result. You’ve heard it said before that the ability for a child to learn a new language is amazingly fast given that they are so young and unable to understand limitations. As we become adults we begin to slow down the learning process as we feel our machinery is advanced enough to enter what I call a macro instruction or simply a Macro.

A macro instruction in computer lingo is series of program codes written to eliminate mundane or repetitive keystrokes that slow the programmer down. By creating a mini program inside of the main program the user is able to speed up the result of the task at hand. This sort of behavior in the human mind however almost always leads to complacency. These complacencies  act a default startup program commonly referred to an operating system. We Hit the alarm clock or press the power button. We take a shower brush our teeth and get dressed or we boot up the software. Our hard drives whirr at the gym or next to the coffee pot. We go to work and let the applications do the rest. We stuff our guts with garbage and bog the processor down with unnecessary files and stress. We come home freeze our systems, maybe reboot with a TV show or a glass of wine and then power down only to start the same process the very same day. Do these long enough and we are likely to get the dreaded blue screen of death or even worse a virus.

The application cannot work without the processor. The actual device or hardware that runs the software is in fact the body. So on this new day we program our first app. Pay attention as we go into the lab. A laboratory in which we can instantly gain access to thousands of apps in the app store of our mind.

This is where this book comes in. Our brain is still the most sophisticated computer in existence. I have discovered and written applications that we can run as humans to make life more fulfilling. This book is the foundation for that discovery.

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