Audible Stimulates Dreams

Several years ago I had a dream in which my father was speaking with me. It was a few months after his passing and we were at a park. I was on the park bench and I recall it was a light pink made of cold cement. I sleep with headphones and often listen either to music or to podcasts so sometimes the words of the audio program pass over to the dream state. Most of the time it is just background noise but every one in awhile it becomes a message in the dream. The dream that I had back then was during an episode of a “how to podcast tutorial” called The Audacity to Podcast. In the episode the host, was talking towards the end about how to stay interested in podcasting. Or at least that is what I assume led to the message my father delivered from the beyond.

The sky was Grey and there was a horizon of blue and we sat near the edge of a grassy knoll overlooking a large body of water. It was then he, my father said these words. “You must follow your dreams and live your passion.”

I remember this message like it was yesterday. I woke up immediately from the bed and walked of to the mirror in the bathroom. The one with a dark wicker frame. I reached into the drawer that I guessed my wife would keep her lipstick. What the hell is all of this stuff? It all looks like lipstick until you open it. I found a dark maroon shade and wrote the message on the reflection.

“You must follow your dreams and live your passion.-Dad”

I felt bad from mom because she was also one of those prolific motivational speakers that guided my life. Just below it I put one if her gems.

“Act as if”-Mom

Even as I write this my chest cavity fills with an energy that reflects the potential of the dawn that I wake up so early to capture in words.

I know that the feeling that inspired my book, Life, There’s An App For That, lives in the dawn. All I have to do I wake up. It is in the moments of solitude where I can reflect on the past and project on the future that which is the present. Especially today. Today it is raining outside and that creates a blanket over the infinite sky and makes it feels as if the world is sitting under a cover that keeps the energy of the vast mileage isolated to just a few yards. I know it sounds odd but there was a section of the book that tries to describe a scene where I walk along a fog to reflect.

If you have every walked in the fog it is truly a ominous feeling of solitude and misticysm. Like scenes in movies when you are dead and wandering around looking for loved ones to guide you into a heaven.

This morning I had another one of those dreams. I will attempt to set the scene. I sure hope that before I die there is a technology that records dreams and play them back in HD.

I was in Peru with my wife. We were driving to a store with family members. The only one I recall was my unlicensed Willy. Funny that back in the 90’s when the whole family moved to Peru Willy went with us. At least I think he did. I paused to text him on Facebook Messenger at 6 a.m. to ask. He responded rather quickly, I hope I did not wake him, yes he was there for 3 months. Willie in Peru. I should look back on the journals about that time. Maybe one day I will get around to putting them online.

Anyhow, he was driving an old car and Nicole and I were in the back seat. We pulled into a parking lot. We were getting party supplies. A transient walked up to us and tried to slash me with a box cutter. I was able to disarm him and keep walking to the store. Oddly enough this was not such a big deal and I was not afraid. I had to explain to Nicole that his is a dangerous country. She left to go drop off a few family members and come back to get me. When she returned she was driving January’s small electric car, the pink Mercedes. Expect for in the dream it was a Cadillac Escalade. It was still pink and still very small. I got upset that she tried to drive this far on that small rechargeable battery. I had to hang off the back with my leg dangeling off the rear and I would kick the ground to help push the car along.

We arrived at our destination and had to walk around a corner. There was a 5 foot fiancé and behind it was a home with lots of cars stacked on top of each other. In one of the car was a lioness laying down. I saw Nicole reach over the fence as if to pet her because she thought is was a dog. When the animal stood up we slowly walked away and saw that the yard had several wild lions. We walked away and again I had to remind her that Peru was a dangerous place. We arrive at a home that was a one story on a corner. That is really all I remember from that scene.

I was standing in a kitchen and walked around the corner and my uncle Albert was there. I call him Tapatio. He was getting dressed. He was naked and putting on a garment. The ones the Mormons wear under thier clothes. My dad used to wear those. He began talking about levels of energy that can lead to higher levels of consciousness. Last night I slept with my new Bose Quiet Comfort 25’s. Man I love these. I was listening to the book, Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins.

Tapatio was speaking about how to enter a flow state and measuring the moments you go in and out. He was speaking about grading them from A to D I recall. And that we live in a constant state of A. Some sort of levels of conciousness and we should try to maintain a higher range in a D.

As I woke up form that part of the dream I knew I should mark that section in the audio book to return to it. I knew in an instant that the message was very similar to the one I received from my father in that dream. This realization was actually what caused my awakening so that I could recall the chapter. Just then the Audible said chapter 21.

After I woke up and began to write about Hsi I realized two things. One is that I need to visit my uncle. He is getting old. And the other was that I needed to find that chapter. I went back into the section and cannot find it but somehow it led me to listening for a bit longer rather than play some music and keep writing. Whoa, that’s weird. That’s what I am doing now. As if I am narrating the morning as it unfolds.

One sound led to another and I heard the doctor say the name of 2 books. Usually, I let books find me. I have a high level of membership to Audible and when someone mentions a book I always immediately go there to buy it. This time I stared at a screen with an image of a few suggested books by Hess. I have no idea who he is but I scrolled through to see that he has written many. I sorted by popularity and found Siddhartha.

I found that I should always go to YouTube and search out a book before I spend credits on it because there are many books for free on there. Especially if the book is famous enough there may even be more than one reading of it. There was. It turns out there is also a few films. OK, my interest is peaked. I will spend the next few days immersed in wherever this book takes me. And of course I will call my uncle and tell him about it over lunch.




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