A Moment is Happening

As I was sitting in an open house I was scrolling through what sort of music to listen to.   I thought of classical. Then suddenly on the album cover one of the artists there was a nude woman with her back facing the painter. It was then that I realized that classical music has been away in the attic of my mind.

As I stirred the image of the woman I realized that I had neglected the consumption of classical art and music to inspire me to become a classic artist and musician. Maybe more an artist than a musician. Nonetheless, I saw myself painting that image and knew it would turn out beautiful.

I’ve decided to make this new year filled with more jazz and classical music as it once was when I once was a great artist and poet. Oh wait, how can I once be and no longer be? It is as simple as going into the attic of my mind, opening up the musical treasure box, and wind it up.


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