ABC’s­ of­ Drugs

A is for acid psychedelic and free

B is the bong tokes bubbling for me

C is for coke to make one go wild

D is for drugs some too strong some too mild

E is everyone should try out a drug

F is the flame that sparks up my bud

G is for good kind of grass that I get

H is for high that I am you can bet

I for the Indica the best weed around

J is my joints rolled so fat and round

K is King Cole the merry old’ soul

L is the losers who can’t keep control

M is for Mary the Juana for me

N is say no ‘cuz you’re scared, you’re a sissy

O is to shout when your resin gets clustered

P is the pusher the man that you trusted

Q is the quality I’m able to buy

R is the resting I do when I’m high

S is for Skunkweed that I like the best

T is for Tie but it’s better than sess

U is for uppers when your life is a joke

V is the vile to hold wild man’s coke

W is the wanting when it is dry as a bone

X marks the spot were the druggies get stoned

Y is the question you’re parents will shout

Z is for zoning while they are flipping out

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