An ­Emotion

As you can tell there’s something wrong

All the walls are crashing down

My body is strong yet still I’m weak

I’m being forced to frown

Too much fighting as my world keeps

Spinning round and round

Why is it that one human would look to hurt another

What the hell is wrong with your

You’re all my fucking brothers

I’ve never noticed color so call me colorblind

Why do people act like fools,

What’s running in the there minds?

There shouldn’t be any room to say

That we shouldn’t say a thing

I don’t believe there are baby birds

That never learned to sing

If one of you fell to the floor I wouldn’t mock your pain

For all the anger in the air we are all to blame

I said to me the other day to me my only friend

When did this violence first begin, when will it ever end

I can’t see why we act so odd, why do we always fight

I’m from the planet earth, like you, form morning into Night

I just sit back, with my mouth mute,

I never say a word

They only thing that I can so my voice cannot be heard

Let my message be remembered

Till’ the time you lay to die

You can never put a person down

For wanting just to cry

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