But­ Before ­I­ Sleep

Irreplaceable I would have to say you are

In light of day in dark of night you are my lucky star

Who am I to hold you down?

And keep you in my heart

I am the second half of you that should never break apart

Who are you to fall for me?

And sacrifice your love

You are my little angle fallen from above

I said to you I forgot how to cry

I had forgotten how to feel

Now I remember the reasons why

I had wounds that could not heal,

You taught me how to care again,

Share again

To live my life

Play fair again

My eyes slowly close and I see you

I want to free you

Reunite again

I want to be with you

I wish to wear you like a necklace

And hear you like a song

I want to drink you like water

And touch you much too long

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