Coca-Cola­ Gal

Wonderful moments have been engulfing me

Seeking refuge in her reality

If it is the best of the classics or two out of three

I once had the Coca-Cola gal sipping soda with me

The contents of her package appearing larger than small

A little doll from a far away place

Where the stars begin to fall

Maybe it is illusion or a warped realistic state

I don’t seem to cross the avenue and if I do I may be too late

Stop, what have you done you have fallen on your face

Ending me senses and before her is my taste

You fool don’t you see who it is am I

Why is it my heart has developed such a sty

End of the rope or the top of a ladder

Showing to me that your life has been sadder

Who is your doctor when the rope burns your hand?

Shredding to pieces your skin in the sand

Soda pop gal I am convinced by the bubbles

That to me I can see that you are nothing but trouble

Half of a moon for me in the sky

And a sky not so blue nonetheless let me fly

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