Dreaming of Old Lovers

I dreamt of an old lover last night. But not only one old lover but also another. I dreamt of two old lovers last night. The strangest thing about dreaming of an old lover is how much I love them in my dreams. it was as if it was just yesterday that I lost them and just last week that I first saw their faces.It was so familiar and so comfortable. I felt this twisted sickness in my stomach knowing that somehow this dream state was not reality. I was becoming aware of my inappropriate interaction with a memory. The smell of the perfume lingered in her white v neck shirt and her shoulders were just as muscular and bony they were in my youth. And their hair was perfect as it was when we were young. Even now after a full day of knowing that this place does not exist, I still get that stomach wrenching sensation as if I’ve been kicked in the balls and abandoned by two old lovers.

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