Easter and for what

I was not born with a silver spoon in my moy but there was a spoon. I was loaded with knock off Fruit Loops and the mildk was warm but it was full. I was not born into royalty but I was born. I was not served and I did not have servants but i did have someone who taught me about these people. I was shown a life other than the one I was born into and that was enough to believe that I was worthy or that it was at least within my reach. Although I have not yet seen this life I am still owed it. Not in a sense of entitlement but more of a sense of , I have earned it I and I am looking for my back pay of the years of child support. I raised the child into a man and so why am I not entitled to this. have I not carreid the cross of hard work and the burden of labor? I should at least expect a bit of compensation for the blood that Let. or am I stil not only getting that which I deserve and nothing more. Or maybe I an begging for pennies among the poor instead of asking for dollars form the rich? Is this how it works? am i just doing it wrong?

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