Eulogy for Two

Just have to remind myself how lucky i am to have known these two

Or think of my happy place that i am when i am happy with both of you

Remember that they carried me from the moment i arrived

Grateful that they cared for me when i could never have survived

Expecting them to pass one day and yet feel theyd live forever

Aasking if i should stop to pray, and if we could really live together

Not knowing it was coming soon, too soon for them to die

Damn it all to the creator i call and still theres no reply

Now I wipe the tear from my eye and commit to the lacrimal sky

Ask her why there was no breath only a sigh and there they both lie

New day new dawn new cycle of life begins

Call out her name but there is no sound just more of the same, just more pain

Yell again to the walls and beg they hear my call and on deaf ears it falls

For a moment or two it seems i could just drive and when i arrive i could see the alive

Even now so surreal and im so internal i grab the moment just to feel

Somehow i will see a sign and then everything will be fine and we will have a good time

Tears with dry and that lacrimal sky will once again fly the sun up so high

I will live stonger and honor your name I will treat myself better as you cousre through my vein

Now I know where that sign is and where I was to find it

I know that this is how it was mean to be, Romeo and Juliet is 2 not 3

Under my skin you were right there within and the sign I was looking for was the reflection of me and the other 4

Push past the memory of the times that we fought

Try to remember the things I have got

Happy to know them and sad that theyre gone

Even now its so strange that they had to move on

Retire the vessle that lived past it’s time

Expected a miracle like water to wine

I knew it was for a reason and the question remains

How did this happen? Nothings the same

Over the hills plays the sounds of their song, everythings perfect nothing is wrong

People may smile to make this feel better

Evelasting love from boy to a man I dedicate to you this letter

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