Fatness And Fitness Episode 0018

I heard a wise man Jack Lalanne said ,”If man makes it, don’t eat it. If it tastes good, spit it out.” I talk about a video that made an impact on my eating habits. In the podcast I mention I would check to see if he is still alive and was saddened to see that he actually passed away this year at 96.

One thought on “Fatness And Fitness Episode 0018”

  1. wow 18 days good job James. Jack Lalane passed away Jan.23 this year he was 96 years old. Congrads to you and your wife, little girl thats great. The spitting stuff interesting, mine is take a bite throw the rest away. Donuts are not one of my just gotta have but at the office wallk in box of fresh glazrd donuts everytime i pick one up, now I would not go buy them but hey its free right? So A couple of people saw that I would take a bite and throw the rest away .they said I was being wasteful, well I havent been in the office for awhile so thats not a problem anymore. Keep up the good work on your fitness trek and on all you podcast/JFBlog.

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