Fatness And Fitness I read from my journal

How many times you going to write in this journal about my commitment to weight loss? It has been 20 years or so that I have been in this real estate business and 20 years since I began the battle of the bulge. I have podcast by the name of Fatness and Fitness and one year ago I launched it. I managed to ride the ride of the weight loss. But today, today I am heavy. As a matter of fact, I am the heaviest I have ever been. Or so I think. Tipping the scales at 272 pounds give or take a few pounds, I feel the most recent 15 pounds in the last two months have really taken a toll on me.


I would like to blame my stress, but I know that diet and exercise is a stress reliever. I would like to blame my wife, but she sleeps when I could be training and she does not make me eat bad. I could blame the work schedule, but I’ve never been limited between 6 and 8 AM when I should be working out. So who can I blame? Genetics? Bullshit! I am not buying genetics makes me not to eat right and not workout.

I blame one person, me. Better yet, I blame my discipline. I should have known a year ago when I tattooed the word covenant on my leg that would need discipline. Discipline to resist temptation. Discipline to stand up when a warm and a soft pillow whispered to me to come back to bed at 5:55 AM. Discipline to stay focused on my workout and not wonder if it’s over yet. Discipline to follow my end result to where it lies, in the end. But more importantly I need to follow my passion. My desire and my optimistic vision. My passion and hunger. My hunger that is not fed until I have the perfect day. My hunger to become so shredded and in shape that when I take my shirt off people not only stare but envy. Why not? I have the frame and the skin and the foundation of what I see as model material. I see Adonises of the fitness world and that same body lies in me under years of and negligence. Well no more! This has to be a time! Now has to be the moment. I will be 40 and 60 days… 40. Who knew that 25 years ago when I first wrote in this journal that I would live to be 40? Now married with four children and a career and a mortgage.

Five years ago I told a friend after a marathon that I would you the Ironman at 40. I’ve only done the Michelin man. So say good night to the fat guy, go on, ’cause that the last time you gonna see a fat guy like this again let me tell you.

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