Fowl Love Flavor (Acidic)

       For me it was a joke just another part of living

Open my heart to a whole new half

                  And now its I who’s giving

Weeping and my lips are dry

             Any second part not lick them

Leaving my mouth with this fowl taste

        My lips with saliva, I trick them

Love has an aftertaste with a strange indigestion

Or may it be my mind

     As it tries to ask a question

Venus, from me you stole emotion still am I under your potion

Even the tides if they stop for a day would shift the seven oceans

Feelings like these are pitiful lacking discourse of reason

Leaving me but once again

                  My winter a frosty season

All and all I’, still the same the blind in search for love

Venus awaits me and I with my wings I fly her high above

Oh but his taste it burns my tongue and I melt as if on fire

Remember her or just a dream she was half of my desire

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