Online Gurus…Are they helping?

I wrote this weeks ago and have been reluctant to publish it because it is more of a rant than valued content. More of an observation than a lesson.

I have been witnessing an evolution occurring in the world of self help and business. For a few years now I have been passively listening to the content created by two of the worlds most popular businessmen. Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuck.

Grant Cardone was first introduced to me by my brother about 10-12 years ago. He mentioned to me in a passive conversation about sales trainers and speakers. At the time I had never heard of him. This was before the popularity and availability of this type of content online. Before YouTube and Podcasts made it easy to listen or watch thier lectures. At the time I only knew of him from the field of car sales and never really caught on.

Gary Vaynerchuck came into my digital world about 3 years ago. At first he was an annoying little man with a big mouth. Ill be honest, my cynicism is fast to judge partly out of jealousy and partly out of a need to stop from listening to anyone who talks becoming my mentor. Over time I grew to like him. In recent times it has become a consistent respect and consumption of his creations both online and in his books.

I recently came to the conclusion that in today’s instant access to wisdom I have to be even more vigilant in protecting my ears and mind from the snake oil salesman and big mouths who have an agenda that only serves thier ego and thier wallet.

I decided that I must limit my “gurus” to five individuals. These also must feed a specific purpose in my life that will help me grow as a person. Just as we go to college and have courses in different lectures we also must do this in life. My five were narrowed down to these.

  1. For motivation and belief in my potential. Anthony Robbins. The original guru. His stuff is timeless.

  2. Hank Moody. Who? The fictional character in the showtime series Californication. I am a writer and for some unknown reason this show taps into a desire to create using my words. But I admit it could also morph into Bukowski and Steinbeck.

  3. For the metaphysical I immerse myself not the works of Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Steven Kotler and Jason Sylva. These are all one in the same in my opinion. The dabble in the phenomenology of “Flow States.”

  4. Grant Cardone. Handsome business man and family man with a big ego and a big mouth. A lot of what I am he is. A lot of what he has I want. Not in a jealous sense just in the way that he writes books, creates content often and has people listen.

  5. Gary Vaynerchuck. Something in his voice energizes me into working. He has an unimaginable energy and focus into one thing. Getting attention and keeping it.

Each one of these mentors can be alternated with an individual that somehow touches a piece of my spirit and moves it into action. Action that supports my efforts to become great in my own way.

Recently however I am noticing a very strange evolution in Gary and Grant. Grant has not been providing as much juice as I recall and Gary is starting to repeat himself. I know that many of those who I speak to feel the same.

My concern for these two rally mean nothing other than my opinion. But when I went as far as to unsubscribe from Grant I knew something was up. How could I go from committing to someone being my guru to removing them from my world. It’s like changing political parties or religions. Then there was Gary. I deleted his feed too. Why?

Gary talks a lot about how he does not consume content. Yet here I was consuming his content. Lately he has really doubled down on his production of content. He has hired a few kids to follow him around and record and edit his content. Both his archives and his new stuff. Having Gary on tap was easy and consistent. But now getting to be too much.

One of my rules for deciding on who I listen to and allow to become a mentor is if I am not cynical or judgmental. I have been both with Gary and Grant lately. Why?

I believe It may be that Gary’s ego is getting to be a bit too much and Grant is selling more than telling. It’s sad because as a content provider myself I understand the need to sell products to justify the free wisdom I give. I often struggle with the several dozen people who always watch my stuff and do not pay me for it. But that is not why I do it.

Just like Gary, I like the attention. Just like Grant I like the attention. The only difference is that they get the attention and I don’t. This may be why.

For over 7 years I have been producing content and yet I still cannot hold a webinar that makes me money. I cannot launch a product that payed me more than a tank of gas. I cannot acquire paid speaking gigs or keynote. I cant even get people to pay me for one on one. Yet In my heart I believe that if you wanted to buy an hour of one on one with any of my 5 gurus it would cost thousands of dollars. Yet I have a link for $100 and no one buys. Why? I know for sure it is worth $10,000. Why? Because what I say can produce income in a field that only limits you by your actions. Not an algorithms or banner ad. Real world applications and practical advise.

So over the last 7 years I was reaching out for attention and lost hope and motivation because it was not happening. I wanted hundreds if not thousands of followers but ended with 100 known and 1,000 lurkers that I can see in my stats are there but never say anything.

It was not feeding my ego the right way.

I cant help but wish that I had my own “D-Rock” that would follow me around and just let me speak and they post it.

I believe the reason I have not been successful in my efforts to be a part of the internet click of those YouTubers that are famous for their content is my promotion. I have never if hardly ever takin the time to share and promote my content. I have always produce it and uploaded. No catchy titles, no fancy thumbnails and definitely no metatags.

As those creators rose to stardom I stayed underground. This underground term is something I have actually come to terms with long ago. I say there is a reason for me not being rich and famous cause I would probably not be able to handle it and would self destruct like Jimi Hendrix or Jim Belushi.

So I wait. But the longer I wait the more out of the realm of possibility it becomes because my motivation is fading and this results in a lack of consistency. I am not excited enough to share and I do not have the time to edit and post and share. Heck I hear some say that in order to get to the top I would have to go into online groups and forums and comment and contribute to the conversation. This way I would get known. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Another thing I notice with Grant and Gary is that they are running out of content and are forced to repeat themselves. Never before has this been documented because never before have we been able to witness lecturers hone their speech over time.

In the world of real estate their is a man by the name of Mike Ferry. He is a sales trainer and coach that is the biggest name in the game for this genre. More Realtors know Mike than they do Grant or Gary combined.

For years though it has been a running theme that Mike has noting new to say. This is true. I have a cassette of his from the early 80’s and content from him online this week. You could not tell the difference unless in his voice. He is older. He is old. What happened to him is that once he mastered his lecture and his message it became impossible not to hit a threshold for his body of work. Once this system was in place it was a matter of repeating himself. As long as he continued to speak people would discover him and follow. If he resonated.

There is also his son Tom. Don’t get me started with my cynicism on this one. But again a lecture that cannot grow only improve. Like a play that is rehearsed they get on stage and speak and each time someone new finds and follows.

Grant and Gary both have recently hit that mark. The only way for thier content to evolve is that the technology of thier trade evolves. With Gary he is a big technology guy so small slivers of his lectures can adapt to be relevant to the times and dealing with online sales and entrepreneurial efforts. Grant on the other hand is working with a system that has not changed much in thousands of years. Face to face sales. Objections and closing techniques that are limited to human interactions in a product and purchase world. Grant is in a sense an entrepreneurial guru for the physical world and Gary is one for the Digital world. Although many of their listeners cross over I would go as far as to say that if there was an avatar that would represent Gary’s tribe as a person and one that embodied Grants tribe as a person and that person was to get thier real estate license that team Grant would win. His style is more active where Gary’s, although aggressive, likely sits with individuals who are willing to “hustle” but are not likely to want to get in front of someone for a pitch rather create content that would act as a passive income.

Does this make sense?

I know that many would be pissed to here this cause they are like that. And I know that there are many who would be upset to hear this because they are fanboys. I am just calling it from my perspective.

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