Get out of Dodge

Immature she calls me she calls me?

I’m not the one ready to grow up

I’m not the one willing to give in

What was my sin, wanting to begin?

Since when am I so vulnerable since when am I so weak?

And when did I become a man that I may learn to speak?

So beat down by the sun I have begun to remember who I am

And forget those who seek to my sins and forget what I began

I don’t mind pulling the battery from my connection to the earth

Those things mean shit to me if I cant relive my birth

So what do I care if I die and I don’t know the score

I’m not inclined to write the truth so with fiction I reward

Make a vow and make it now no more incoming voice

And disconnect what I respect to be my human choice

Do your job and do it well and get out of what it’s called Dodge

And go to town with what I found and keep looking at my watch

I’m not even here right now and I don’t even care

What time it is who’s watching me and what I have to wear

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