Helping Others

I saw a grown man fall down in Target the other day. I did not laugh and no one else saw. I tried not to stare but he looked really drunk and stunned. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as he struggled to get back up. He stood there staring at the ground for some time. Then walked away. It wasn’t until he left that I saw he actually slipped on a large spill of liquid detergent. I thought of him this morning and then realized that I should have helped him up but I know not to interact with really wasted people. I wonder if he was drunk. If he was not, then I feel like a jerk. If he was, I still feel like I should have helped. Next time I see someone in need like that I will not just stare, I will rush over to help. And they will probly tell me to let them alone anyhow.

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