I have made my training product archive for sale at $25…totally crazy.

Let’s be honest – the market is terrible.   It has been for several years now.  Where I practice in Lake Elsinore, California home prices are down almost half from the peak, with fewer transactions each month.But I realized two important facts that changed everything for me as a REALTOR®
Fact #1: No matter how bad the market gets there are people less affected by the economic woes than the typical person…people who have stable jobs, equity in their home, and can afford to buy or sell right now.   And there are always people who “have to” move due to a job relocation, marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, death in the family…or even those who want to buy investment property.
Fact #2:  Eighteen years ago I developed an almost unheard-of real estate marketing tool…a “system” that brings me a conveyor-belt of the highest quality listing and buyer clients (who actually qualify and close!) and locks them up as exclusively mine. The system is so powerful, yet so easy to use, it took me from frustration and struggle to now making more money than most doctors and lawyers.   I’m finally relaxed about business.  I work less than most agents.  And I’m more confident than ever about my future, regardless of the economy. I know my story may sound hard to believe, and it may be even harder to believe you could duplicate what I do (or do better).   But if you’re willing to give it a chance, just about 15 minutes of your time, gettin coaching from me may make an enormous difference in your success and in your life.
You can discover a time-tested “system” that I believe can work anywhere and for anyone, and can easily increase your production, your profits 200%…500%…even 1000% or more. A strong statement, I know.  But you won’t have to wait to see if I’m right.  Just close your office door or find a quiet area, and I’ll share with you an honest, true, long-term marketing strategy you can use in your business to launch your production to new heights – just like it did for mine.
Consider my offer. For a limited time you have the option to grab the full length episodes of  my audio for $25 a month. Up to now that is over 3 hours or archives. Audio that you can play on your smartphone or computer right away.
I’m excited for you as you enter this new and thrilling stage in your real estate career

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