Inchoate Day 164

Hera, there you lie steaming my heat

Escape to the sky my awaiting retreat

Saint so sanguin in my eyes

Melage of wonder within her eyes

Im bound to a myopic view of one expensive pearl

Leaving me eyeless to the rest of the world

Exigency my moment I see her beside me

Smiles to the cynosure tis now she abides me

Toast to the vixen that punctures my soul

Open the muscle so she can squeeze through the hole

Then I must be the atom that is losing control

Hestia so aloof as I searched down below

Expecting not to meet up here where it is I grow

Virago yet gentile there is more I must know

Idolorous woman to temp me so well

X chromosome my posterity you do compell

Eliquant woman I am chromosome Y

Nearing the moment you help me survive

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