It would be hard to do Origami on the wing of a Flying plane

Last night, after a long day of work, I laid in bed by 9. I usually watch a bit of video on my tablet but I knew I was not going to last. I was tired. I barely made it to the reach for my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones and the IPad Mini. I had to pair them as I bobbed in and out of sleep. Like in the movies where the hero is poisoned and is attempting to complete the mission before the poisen knocks him out, so was I trying to get some music on my head.

I sleep with headphones. I have for as long as I can remember needed to have sound to sleep well. Those sounds are carefully curated each night based on what sort of dreams I want to have. Lately I have been in between going to YouTube and finding affirmations and subliminal tracks that are specifically designed for an 8 hour sleep.

The other sounds have been a playlist I stumbled upon inside of iTunes. It is called Ladies Who Serenade You To Sleep. This s a blend of soft jazz and folk music that is nothing short of relaxing and melancholic.

As the lids of my eyes went to close for the last time I pressed play and woman named Eva Cassidy came on with her rendition of Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time. In my fading wake I became overwhelmed with a sadness that set me down for the visit to the after.

In my book, Life There’s and App For That, I talk about the “after.” This is my take on what life after death is or is not.

I believe life after death is right under our nose, or can I say, pillow? Is it too hard to imagine that the place we go to in our sleep is the same place we go to in death? Some who experience near death describe it in many ways. Some like a heaven with no pain and loved ones and some like a nightmarish hell. Why then is that different than our dreams? Some say they do not dream, and for those the after is sort of a nothingness.

Similar to this present life we are in that life after or afterlife. This life is meant to experience intensity of elements with our flesh and bones to form the echos of what we will get to relive in the after. I do believe in the after there is not feeling like we feel a hot stove but more like a sensation that of which compares to knowing the stove is hot.

With this sort of knowledge we will get to manupilate our permanent dream state in the after. Just as we are able to practice lucid dreaming in the flesh in the bed, so we can live as if we are dreaming and cannot wake up.

During the writing of the book I was in a state of mind that can only be described as the God mind or a Flow state. This was triggered by walking up a hillside on a daily basis with a recording device and listening to an album called Liquid Mind. I have yet to tempt the emotion again and since. I am not sure why not since it was such a powerful way to start the day. Hell I wrote what I consider to be a book that ranks up there sandwiched the Koran and The Power of Now.

Speaking of those two, I believe the authors of both of those books experienced the same state of mind and one formed a religion and the other a cult. One was in the modern era and the other was in older times where a religion could be founded based on fear and hope. The modern era is moving far too fast to concern themselves with hope and only fear so we turn to a modern day guru from Jim Morrison to Justin Bieber for our solace.

This is why I say it would be hard to do origami on the wing of a flying plane. This statement is to mean that finding inner peace and happiness can only be acquired in the stillness of life. Quieting the mind is a concept that is forming a larger and larger gap in today’s high tech high paced world. The ability to slow down or calm down is being manipulated by a false sense of downtime placed in the care of Apple and Samsung. What once was a stop and smell the roses has become stop and turn your screen off. Not good enough. Similar to an athlete trying to hit a target heart rate we too have accepted that 100 beats per minute is a good resting heart rate in fitness rather than the old 150-180. That going for a walk is the limit of our wellness when walking is something that comes natural to us so the comfort levels are not pushed far enough.

In the opposite we also have the the calmness and peace in our mind to a level achieved with alcohol in from of an LCD.

I awoke to that calm and the moment my son got downstairs that peace was broken. By the time my wife came downstairs it was all but just a dream. The beginning of this writing was on the couch at sunrise with a cup of coffee. the last two paragraphs were from the toilet as the shower runs. Guilty. Guilty of once again trying to perform origami on the wing of a flying plane.

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