As I walk into ICU
I dont know what to say or do
my sister’s in a lot of pain
my family’s eyes are pouring rain
the doctors have not much to say
do they know the time of day?
I see her eyes they’re bloody red
I hope that soon she’ll rid this bed
she cannot focus barely sees
must she live such misery
she was seperate from the others
always trying her very best
the white sheep of the family
nothing like the rest
and as I say it can’t be her
she looks at me through eyes of blur
calls my name and asks “how do?”
am I to ask “and how are you?”
I’ve never had a scarey fright
Until I saw her on that night
things got worse
a state of panic
she’s gone to sleep
and alls gone manic
for several hours machines are beeping
could she be dead or is she sleeping?
The doctors ask “what could it be?”
“There are not books for what we see”
Then one fine morning she awoken
All is better but none have spoken
Just thanking god she’s still around
and not six feet into the ground
and if there’s one thing I could state
don’t give up hope it’s not too late

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