Knight Seeker 

The knight that rides through tenebrous woods in search of a runaway princess

He gallops with vigor about the moonlit trees in hope she eclipse duress

Entire lake beds rippling waters that sparkle below the moon

Kindling fires which burn inside that he may find her soon

Not fearing the Kimura that breaths fire and flies up in the skies

Inside the cave grows shoots of frosty grass tales of dragon only lies

Glistening are the hairs of his horses main, which she once brushed with care

Her fate is in the cards and her perfume fills the air

The quagmire does not placate his quixotic passion in search of what belongs

Where can she be ask he in fears of missing what he longs

His solitude starts brush fire in his heart and sings to the strings of love

Open path that leads two ways one below and one above

Searching in a cave fearing the attack of the leopard or the lion

Exiting the rain begging and down on his knees starts crying

Echoes of his scream reach the other end of earth

Kristina the princess hears the sound and discovers a rebirth

She stands to her feet and shouts out loud the shrieks echo with the name

Silhouettes of monsters move around once again she calls out” James”

He hears her shout where can she be or do the woods play tricks on me

And mount her horse to set her free

Like the winds of a storm he rides the breeze

Like the birds of night he skims the trees

Finally he sees a fire and with hasty speed he post

In the field of grass she lies on ground fearing what was feared most

No it can’t be the tales are myths but do mine eyes deceive

Destruction by flame the lizard breaths my strength do not deceive me

The Gods of earth and one of sea must aid me to fight the fight

Hercules my adrenalin flow dragon fire and moonlight

Extracting my sword and down my shield to protest my fear of the slaughter

So I may one day win the hand of the King’s daughter

Off of my steed I leapt and the canon in my arm did blow

Under the belly of the serpent my sword I do thrust

Grab hold of the tail he groans my body he did throw

He falls to the ground and flames burn down I gain the woman’s trust

Take her hand and mount my horse and ride against the rain

And feel remorse for the death of my foe and guilt his heart in pain

For maybe he meant no harm to her only to see her face

Those green luminescent eyes of pure he found a resting place

Enter the town by the break of dawn and tell of dragons’ dead

Remember the day till I forever lay when the princess and I wed

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