Leptin Reset Easy Start Guide

Leptin Reset Easy Start Guide

How to start the Leptin Reset and regain Leptin Sensitivity

 Step One: Are You Leptin Resistant?

  • The Leptin Rx…FAQs
  • Overweight, large appetite and craving carbs are signs you’re Leptin Resistant.
  • If you are fit and in decent shape, then your reverse T3 will be elevated, also indicating you’re Leptin Resistant
Step Two: Follow a strict Paleolithic diet
Step Three: Eat within 30 minutes of rising
  • Make sure breakfast is little to no carbs (less that 50 grams)
  • LOTS of protein (50-75 grams)
  • Overweight: limit carbs to 25 grams
  • Fit: less than 30 carbs
  • DO NOT count calories
Step Four: How to eat/use your fuel (most important)
  • NO SNACKING! Snacking destroys timing and circadian clocks that work in unison with Leptin
  • Most will notice a change in cravings within 4-6 weeks
  • Eat 3 meals a day initially (as your hunger and cravings fade you can adapt to 2 a day)
Other DOs and DON’Ts
  • Do not work out before or after breakfast (if you must work out do it after 5pm)
  • Do allow 4-5 hours between dinner and bedtime
  • Trouble sleeping? Do 3-5 minutes of body weight exercises (i.e. pushups or squats)
Signs it’s working:
  • Change in your sweating pattern
  • Energy levels will rise
  • Hunger and cravings will become less and eventually disappear
  • When you awaken you will feel refreshed and well rested
  • Men: quicker weight loss
  • Women: Mood changes (calmer/sleepy), then sleep will improve. Clothes will fit differently and weight loss will occur if you continue the program

*Note: When all signs are present, I recommend exercise with heavy weights

Food Sources:
  • For breakfast: Pastured/organic eggs; grass fed meat, poultry and fish; protein shakes (less ideal)
  • Cooking oils when using carbs: (liberal amounts) butter, heavy cream, coconut oil, or palm oil.
  • Avoid nut or seed oils in initial stages.

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