Life… Theres An App For That- Chapter 4. Imagination

To run these apps you will need to practice your imagination. Practice stimulating to see with your mind’s eye. It,s called vision. What can you visualize beyond this 200 to 300 yards? Even on the tallest mountain you can see miles away, but what are you seeing but a small representation of your mind’s sight .

What you can see in your mind? I know can get to the destination long before I physically arrive, by simply imagining it.

Seeing is believing and vision is conceiving.

The imagination that you once had as a child never left you. Why would it? You have simply to believe that the person who you once were is lying dormant. You must choose to wake them. Your body may begin to struggle through the connections between reality and imagination.

The ability to carry you into this journey takes practice of the imagination.

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