Life…There’s An App For That Chapter 5 Knowledge

I once watched a special on TV about this young man, Daniel Tammett, who was by some considered.autistic but totally aware of it and totally functional in every sense of the word. He had all of his senses and was able to control his behavior and yet had a very special gift. His math skills where unbelievable, he could remember anything he reads and the page he reads it from. He was interviewed by the host and he tried to describe that every human has a colored light and a number that represents our very soul and he made a great elaboration on the interviewers aura. It was amazing. Can’t we all have that?

There was another story of an artist, Stephen Wiltshire, that was able to draw images of locations after only seeing them once. They flew him across the New York skyline for 20 minutes, mind you he was never from New York, and then gave his a massive canvass like 4 feet tall and 20 feet long and he was able to draw every building and every detail. With only a few minutes of seeing he was able to place numbers of windows and curves of buildings and shapes with such precision. I believe his works now hangs in a subway or some important place. I realize that autism is often a terrible thing to live with but if only we could tap into the genius of these amazing minds. We can. Why couldn’t we. There is a list of famous people who have been consider High Functioning Autistic, here is that list. Now remember these are just from Wikipedia but the list is impressive. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Adolf Hitler, Thomas Jefferson, Stanley Kubrick, Mozart, Issac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Andy Worhol, Michael Angelo, the list goes on an on. Don’t believe it? Wikipedia HFA.

I’m here to tell you that you live for becoming and creating. To remind you that the covenant you’ve made with yourself is to become and create. Seeing is learning knowledge, hearing is learning knowledge and so then I create by sharing what I have seen and heard. I am creating the ability to share with you the covenant and the knowledge of it.

So what makes them so different? Does the world have something to learn from them? A from their talents? Do I have this ability? Yes, I believe I do. I believe they are able to tap pockets in the mind most of us don’t reach into. People say that we only use maybe 10% of our minds and our resources. Perhaps maybe they are using one extra percent of the brain or he’s jumping percentages and using 51%this quadrants in the minds that he’s able to tap into

I am in the middle of the dream of being young and I haven’t woken up yet. I can do any thing with this knowledge. Knowing what to do with my body and mind. Knowing that I have this super computer is enough, it’s more than enough. When I really understand the meaning of this idea my body almost shivers with the awareness of the knowledge. It becomes electric and fires the stimiluants and suddenly I discover who it is that I am here. In this moment. This moment something physical happens that crosses invisibilly along the atmosphere and people around me see me glowing and want to know why.

You have seen these kind of people when you say “they fill the room with thier presence,” or “there is something about them in person.” I know why this is said and why I am one of them. It is because I can translate this new language that is hidden in the back room of our minds. Our minds are a house of unlimited rooms and doors and taking the entirety of a lifetime to open the wrong doors is painful. I can show them the doors to open and the ones to avoid. Knowing and in that knowing you manifest the life you want in an instant and then to be skilled enough to and to be in this moment and be in that zone is truly enlightenment.

Our truest life is in dreams awake- Thorough

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