Life There’s An App For That Powering Up The Body

In these next moments I will attempt to describe what happens to the physical body as it transforms, it’s physiology. It happens in the moment you decide to become more. This transformation is an imaginary journey that attempts to make the mind body connection. We will do this several times in this book. We will cover the 5 senses and ultimately the sixth one. Let’s pretend we hire an imaginary team of technicians running in the core of our bodies. We can think of them as the blood that pumps through your veins.

One thing I know for certain is that my body responds much better to the outside world around me when I practice proper diet and exercise. You’ll probably find the some of the greatest thinkers in the world most of the greatest thinkers in the world, the great ones, have all had a balance. I’m not saying that they’re exercising, perhaps neither meditating or eating right. However, they do have active lifestyles. Although they might not have a membership to the gym or even own a pair of sneakers they move about the planet with ambitious momentum. What would it take to build this body?

How is my body going to function? What is this application going to look like before we can build it on the inside? How does it function on the outside?

We must isolate the physical actions that must occur and reactions that will inevitably occur. Here is how. Your head is up your shoulders are back, stomach is tight your breathing is full. You walk with a strut. It’s not obvious but it is determined. This strut even though it’s not without the resistance of gravity and your breath is near panting each moment passing by you is a breeze into the future of the new you. This breathing can be extra bold like a bull going into the ring.

It is a natural high. Have you tried it? Try breathing real deep 10 times and then blowout real hard. Pump your fist downward kind of like a Street fighter going to the ring. Make is precise like a robot or machine. Determined. That’s what it will feel like. Now hold that perfection. Don’t forget to breathe and set it. If this does not work repeat the process. Try standing up. With a couple little touches like a clenched mouth and elongated neck so that your double chin that’s barely visible. You are four inches taller because you’re so elongated from your head to toe. It as if you’re being stretched into space.

The sense of smell also plays a major part of where you are and where you are going. The feeling of new dawn and cleansing smell like fresh rain. But now what you smell? Do I smell pine trees? Do you know the smell of plant life? It is life. Perhaps you will need to clear your nasal passages and in that you clear your next segment of creating.

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