Live This Day As If It’s Gonna Last

When the past becomes reflection. I imagine a time in which I lived in a place not far from where I am now and become nostalgic. A memory of the location became a reflection with a nostalgic hue. I often think about locations ons the earth that I have been in the past and wonder if right now they are still there. Of course they are but If I could only time warp myself to stand there and feel the air cross my unshaven facial hair follicles.

I am most excited about the year to come. I have great hope for the planet and I am convinced that this is the best possible world. Only because there is no other. A hungry man who digs in the garbage and finds a dirty slice of pizza does not question if this is the best. He knows it is the only. A frog who jumps in the stream does not questions whether the water could be warmer she just knows it is. Human nature is a funny thing. We have been rather complacent and satisfied with our lot in life and for centuries we settled into or vocation and our location for the entirety of our lives. I time travel to a small village to see an old family in the Carolinas circa 1700. The elders are there to provide the retelling of the legends to the young ones. The women were there to tend and keep household. This was before Windex and Swiffer. Before hot water, before running water. Before having so much crap in the house that it was always a mess.

There was always one energetic youth who should desire wealth and success but it was a day dream. It was a daydream of coming from a weathly lineage. Soon after the dream faded they would pick up the ax and continue to chop firewood. The children would do a chore or two and go out and play. There would be rituals and ceremony for the coming of age.

In the modern era we have hundreds of new trades and thousands of opportunities. In more recent times entrepreneurs emerge as an occupation that carries dreams of grandeur and weath. The truth is that we have romanticized the capitalism of the do-it-your-self pop up business because we have access to those who got lucky or shal I say created luck through persistence and patience and now they share thier advise online. There are now 20 year old life coaches teaching 40 year old housewives how to “Crush It” in the world of multi level marketing. I cannot help to become cynical when it comes to youngsters getting paid to speak on a topic of life by design when they are not even old enough to drink. Putting a video on YouTube and having the ambition and energy to burn the midnight oil in front of a moniter sharing and likingcontent to grow a “Tribe” does not qualify one to pass on wisdom about life lessons learned. Sure we all have a unique perspective on how life should be lived. I am just not certain that taking that passing inspiration to be the next Tony Robbins is enough reason to abandon the tradition of acquiring a trade that can fill a void left behind when so many of today’s youth wants to be the next YouTube sensation.

This is the best possible world and today is the greatest day in history. I have the choice to make whatever I want of it. The odds of us being born within the last 50 years and the culmination of technology and advantage has brought us together on this digital platform. This in itself is a miracle of biblical proportions. This day remains an Un scratched lottery ticket. We could have been born blind or even worse, aborted. But no, we survived! Imagine standing in front of the graves of legends like Steve Jobs and Jim Morrison. To think that the impact that they had on the world was done within a window of a few decades. For Legends like Morrison or Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Kobain thier body of work was created in a very small window of time. There lives led to the climax of become the greatest but this time that they had living the dream was just a couple of years. Not decades but months. Yet there they sit decomposing as we sit watching life pass us by in 1080p.

Yes, I am coinvinced that 2017 will be known as the greatest year of this history of the world. My world. There are no guarantees and we have been far to comfortable with the way things are.

I am going to take advantage of this day. I will live this day not as if it is my last but as if it will last.

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