Make Your Move…while you still can.

It seems that the older I get the more aware I am of my surroundings. Is this the case for everyone?

For example, I can count on one hand the last 5 times I fell down. Literally fell to the ground. It was not pretty and it was very humbling to discover that gavity was still there. But now it hurts more than ever. I am also more aware that I am not getting any younger. I am aware that I have been training and practicing and meditation and preparing myself for the moment when the world is ready to recieve the give I I have been given. When am I supposed to make my move? I believe I am. I continue to burn the midnight oil and the candle at both ends. I hone my craft from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep. When am I going to make my move? Am I waiting for opportunity to knock? What if it passes me by? What if it already passed by?

I recall my parents teaching me all about a technique they called the rocking chair or the wheel chair. They would tell me to visualize myself at 75 years old. Am I in a rocking chair or a wheel chair? I would be asked questions about how I feel about the last 40 years. What I did to my body or for my body. Did I stay active and vibrant or did I let the pressures of life weigh me down to a slouch? What does my family think of me? Are they proud or are the filled with simpathy or even worse pity? Do I pity myself? Once I really get into that moment so completley that it almost brings a tear to my eye for the wasted years that hve passed me by, I whisper out loud to my reflection. Oh, if only I was 38 again.

Suddenly I am sent back to the present moment. I am totally aware now that whatever obstacle I face today will be a mere speed bump in the road of  wonderful life. I know now what I must do because the old me told me what he would have done different. He begged me not to be complacent. He warned me that if I did not make every moment last they would pass by in a blink. He said don’t be such a wimp and never doubt your abilities. You have the world by the horns and you are at your prime. Take a chance because when you get to the last moments in life you will find out that you have survived and what did not kill you only mad you stronger.

He also said that it’s my move. Make it while you still can.

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