Memory of You

Time travel is proven by the memory of you

How my streams of life did flow slow and blue

Even in my desperation long before we met

       I met a gypsy by the sea of my Carmel

             And a secret she did tell

There stands in front of you a woman of light skin and glowing eyes

I recall the incense and the tarot and the feeling of surprise

My dear lady I ask, no, I beg you tell me more

          Can you see what the future stores

Excuse me madam I want you not to rush

                          So there fell a hush

I knew she told the truth from my secrets she did bear

                     That in my loneliness I wanted raven black  hair

For you in your future there is a figure with thick brown locks

                                   I ask nothing she talks

I see you happy and free and far beyond wealthy

Riches of love and signs from above

                And paradise dreams and beachside ice creams

                For your family and health and abundance and wealth

Time has come boy take your toy,

Your burning incense of wood it will do you some good

Some thing is not right please tell me when it is when thee day come

And she replied I have to hide what you must learn from inside

Why?  ………………. No Reply

So I left I understood

Vixen where did you sleep, as I was deep in the jungles in the rain

Oh, I do mind that I did not sooner find

  The only one of your kind you’re half of my mind

Understanding led me to you and time travel true

            Because my rivers of blue flow into the rivers of you

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