Mental and Elemental

Life is two things, only two things, elemental and mental. That’s all nothing more nothing less. The mental mind, the soul, this mind is made of two things. That is what we know and what we don’t know. So we are here to learn as much as we can by giving and receiving contributions of both mental and elemental that’s the purpose. The body is just one course in a never-ending cycle and recycling of your soul everything we get in the flesh so that we can learn and relearn. The love of the legacy and the contribution of those who live now and then, in this moment.

We have to regulate our contributions of the element and try to control it to our advantage. we have to work and eat and breathe and survive. We learn to work smarter and harder and be more aware of the moment… this moment which is regulated based on the clock. Be more aware of the moment, do the best you can with what you have, for we do not know when we will die, but we can take a look and we can take a guess. That your guess is the realistic lifespan and based on the elemental experience of your ancestors before you then I would say I guess 72- 100 years. Based on my parents and my knowledge of the centuries before me.  Why would I fear some of the threads and the threats of the elements when I have so little time to waste?

My elemental contribution is in my books and my heart my poetry and the storytelling. My role in society as a businessman is exchanging money and guiding people through the home trade. I help nomads find a roof over their head and shelter for their elements. I give them a place to share their own effort of their contributions. The place to create legacy in their moments. Some stay until they can or cannot or choose or choose not to.

What is my legacy? To fulfill my obligation and commitment to the elements and elemental, so that I can contribute. To consistently provide to the future of storytelling. Leaving this mental and elemental contribution to society. We should not fear time but respect it. Pay respect by not losing it. If we all spend our time chasing time for money and we can easily end our clocks with little contribution to the purpose of life and that is a contribution to your legacy.

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