Mental Toughness

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Let’s face it.  We all experience problems each and every day.  Some are small headaches while others are enormous crisis that cause a great deal of pain and trouble.  It is nice to know that it is not the challenges in life that make the man or woman. Rather, it is how we choose to respond to these unavoidable problems that determine if our life will be filled with happiness and success or failure and misery.   We choose how we interpret every event that happens in our life.  Since we are the perceivers of the event we are also the chooser of our response.  Mental toughness refers to the ability of a person to intelligently choose his or her response regardless of how that specific event may affect his or her emotions.
Mental toughness has a lot to do with emotional well being.
A person who is able to control their emotions is also going to possess the trait of mental toughness.   A person who lacks this success trait is going to allow the experience of the event to create an emotional reaction on the inside and his or her response will be based solely on the emotions they are feeling.
You often hear about mental toughness in sports.  They refer to the ability of an athlete to keep a calm, alert, and intelligent mental state despite the fact that as the event progresses the athletes body is undergoing immense physical pressures.  This ability is absolutely essential to your success in life.  Just like in sports, you will be tested by numerous challenges in life.   Your ability to keep a calm, alert, and intelligent mental state despite all of the challenges is the determining factor of your success.
It’s time to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves some very empowering questions to discover if we possess the essential success trait of mental toughness?
Do I respond or react to unexpected challenges?
Are my responses to new challenges positive, solution-oriented, and derived from my life values?
Do I let unexpected problems run my day or do I plan my day and stick to the plan unless an absolute emergency causes me to adapt?
Do I allow the happenings of the day to create my inner state or do I maintain a joyful inner peace regardless of the events of the day?
Do you see crisis or opportunities?
How can I develop mental toughness?
You are not born mentally tough.  Like all character traits that make a man or women great you must develop mental toughness through hard work, reflection, and study.   There are hundreds of thousands of success books, e-books, courses, classes, and programs that can help you develop an untouchable character.  You can develop mental toughness if you make a commitment to learn one new thing each and every day.

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