New Years Day

img_0012.jpegThis is actually the first time in a long long time that I have not woken up with a hangover on New Years Day. That makes it a happy new year indeed.

The older I get the more I care less for blasting every last brain cell on the last day of the year. I would claim that this is the end of X and I must get out that last of my desires of vices in an effort to announce my new start. Only to wake up the next morning wondering how I am going to get through the day. God forbid the holiday landed on anything other than a Sunday. You see, Sunday is a perfect New Years morning. It one where we can get up and clean up and start a new diet and not drink and not eat like shit. But if you are hungover then you are forced to shotgun a beer or have a Bloody Mary to get the hair of the dog that bit you last night.

NO, I am feeling great about this new year. 2016. This is one of those starts that I believe I can actually stick to my resolutions. I have been practice discipline and mastering my vices to my advantage. Like cynicism.. The older I get the more I want to make this world mine. Like rule the world. World domination of sorts.

Ok so let’s consider a plan to rule the world. Let’s start with my servants and or subjects. I just avoid those who make my cynicism rise. I will avoid listening to Podcasts that make me cringe an watching videos that make me grumpy. There is so much content in the world to consume. Millions of hours online and hundreds of channels on the TV. Syndication on demand an fast foreword on the fly. Yes, The firehouse of opinions that jive an clash with mine is in full force and I have to decide how to adjust.

The options for consumption are not limited to my mind. They are also in the form of physical ingestions that pollute my body. From fast food to pharmaceuticals. From brandy to brew. I have access to barcoded breakfast and instant lunch. The hardest part about knowing that they are bad for me is that my choice is led by satisfaction. Instant gratification. You see the mind does not get full and my eagerness to learn affords me the desire and resources to look for masters of satisfaction. Th pursuit of wisdom and happiness is a few clicks away. Th ability to judge a pass through the buffet line of bullshit is simple. However, with fast food there are lesser selection. There are not one millions sources of instant satisfaction.

So with this new start I have to really learn to turn off that part of my stomach that requests on demand satisfaction. I just love food so much. You don’t get to be 260 pounds without hunger. But I know it is affecting my mind. And my mind is the one thing that I value more than my body. I can sit for hours and binge watch tv as long as my hunger for entertainment is being satisfied. But with food I do not discriminate. There really is not a whole lot I am not willing to eat.

It’s not like I eat bad food. It’s just that I eat A LOT of really good food.

Perhaps remaining hungry is the key to my health aspirations for this new year. Just as I long for content to nourish my mind I can decide to make nutrition train me to become better. I can just decide. Like I would on December 31st . It’s never too late to make starvation of pure nutrients optional as I would researching knowledge. Convenience food is no longer convenient. If I have to struggle with my body in motion than that is not convenient. If I struggled to learn the guitar and wanted to play I would just pick up a guitar and play. If I really really wanted to go to the bathroom I would just stand up and go. Just like when you really really got to go you go. You scurry with your ass cheeks clenched and find you target and knock down family to get to the toilet. Just like that I will make my goals achievable. With an,”I really got to shit” attitude anything is possible.

There is no reason to think that on the last day of the year there must be a climax and bang a a kiss to make a choice to become the best you you can be. So this new year I am going to resolve to master the two of which we are. We are mental and elemental. My mind and my body both in tune. No salt, sugar, no spirits. No problem.

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