Not another I love you

Like an earthquake in the middle of the night came a fright… you may be right

All along convinced I’m strong you strung me along… I was wrong

Somehow I let my fears hide my tears for all these years

Through the night you seem to sleep and in your dreams I know you weep along

Only you can change that feeling strange about my ever being gone

Never before and never again will I ever curse my only friend

Even in anger and even in pain will I ever want to lose you again

So from today till they become tomorrow I will vow mean to cause you sorrow

To my wife my rest of life my giver of hope my deliverer of promise I am new

And though today you may say that I will go back to ways before

Not now not ever will sometimes removed by weather I must come back for more

Delicate flower petals in shower move me to see you not

In the middle of night when you awake from your fright I will hold you and hush you to sleep

Next in the morning I hope to awake to a wonderful sunshine and a forgotten mistake

Giving you what you need and not expecting reward the respect you deserve and a little bit more

When will this happen? And how can this be? I lie or a reason for living with me

As you go through your day and you give what you can, can I offer you me and my helping hand

Some where in front and just to the right I will give you my love and a kiss in the night

You might push me away and be weary with doubt over what I am after and what’s this about

Oh my sweet living human I can only reply that I love you forever and after I die

Undercover with hubby and baby and you I wish us forever and a today we are new

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