Novation of Life

Never before now am I adamant

Abounding in sensuous fires

Acquired such treasure by

Sinking slowly into the quagmire

Velvet cheeks liquid lips

Shapely hips

Gentle fingertips

All of my life stopping on clouds

To get to heaven

Leaving the grapes of wrath behind

To eat time well spent

Kindred soul walking along a wall

It is ice cold and hard

So as far as his bloodshot eyes

Frozen hands scarred

Son of a man alone

The sting of the frost

No robe on his muscular back

Naked an lost

Now his feet a lacerated and

He cannot stand

Open wounds on his hands

He falls to the ground

Value filled the tenacity of his heart

Pumping blood to the world around

And begins to dig with his bar hands

Into the concrete walls

The voice of Venus

So sweet she calls

I am here traveler on the side

You’ll have to reach

Open your heart and mind

And my wall you may breach

No! He cries

I cannot surmise I shall ever see

Your eyes by sunrise

Ostracizing my fear and pain clutches the bricks

Along the wall to find a crack

Felt through his back

A flicker of hope

In a stone that breaks loose

As he digs through

Painting in red

Is he dead?

Leaping into the cave of skin and bone

And digs ‘til the hope is gone

She calls through thinner walls

In the blackness of the seventh hour of digging

Through the black, a crack, a light, a sight

He sees no more of the wicked night but a woman

Collapsing in pain trapped in a hole smaller than my own

Emotional moment as the sting of our tears dripping on our wounds

On her fingers sharing something not alone

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