Life…There’s An App For That Optimism

What is optimism? Optimism is a feeling that all is going to turn out well. It is a tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of the situation. A doctrine that this world is the best possible world. Optimism is a disposition or a tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

Optimism as an app is very unstable. It has the tendency to be corrupted and crash quite easily. Sure you can say you are optimistic one minute, and it could fade within seconds after hearing bad news. Here is a great example. You go to the doctor’s office because you don not feel well. Several days later the Dr. says he has the results of your test and he need you to come insist he tells you over the phone but he will not. The worst ideas enter your mind, you are not optimistic and feel that you may even be dying. Your world crumbles in your knowing that it is the possible world and perhaps now illness will take it from you.

The Optimism App didn’t say anything about this world being the best if this world itself is taken from you. How? Freedom to live, that’s how. Freedom to live is freedom to dwell in the best possible outcome. You arrive at the hospital and all the sudden you’re paralyzed with fear and the anxiety virus runs. What if it’s nothing? You think to yourself. I can take medications for the rest of my life. Is it going to be painful? Is it going to be confusing? And then you get out of the car the blacktop is hot, there are cracks in the sidewalk, there’s tar, gum on the floor, time slows down. You remain focused on bright yellow line keeping the path along the edge of the street, you step up on the sidewalk, you stumble over little bump, you look farther. You say to yourself, “Well if it’s destined to be, i will live today as if it’s my last.” You keep your eyes forward and think to yourself, “what is important? what are my priorities?” and already optimism sets in. It is in our survival mechanism to make this the best world possible the best world that exists.

You go into the doctor’s office to grab pamphlets as you wait. You wonder,”do i have this or that? Or maybe it is this one,is it that my parents had that, oh no my friend died of this.” You sit back down and hear, “The Dr. Will se you now.” All of a sudden in your mind you just want to run out of the door and keep running and running and running. Your heart is slamming in your chest and our dizzy. you want to throw up. You collect yourself back in your head you and breathe deep and say,”Okay Dr. what is it?” The Dr. says, “You are overweight and you need diet and exercise.” You wait for the bad news. He says, “Everything else looks fine.” You almost argumentatively ask, “What do you mean?” He says, “Liver, blood, urine, everything else looks fine. Your cholesterol is a little high but nothing to worry about yet. But if you cut down on your cholesterol, eat right, diet and exercise then you be all right.” In that moment, you feel like a millionaire. You cry out, either in silence, softly or out loud, depending on your state of mind. You place your hands in a prayer and thank God and your lucky stars. You leave exhausted and go to a drive though and eat a great big meal to celebrate.

What i want to understand is how to control this optimism, even when the world is not the best possible at that moment so I won’t let that happen again. From now on I’m good to realize that this is the best world possible. I will be optimistic. I will dwell on the most positive outlook of future events. To step out of the doctor’s office now not only do dwell in the outcome of events that you dwell in the moment of creating that event.

Looking into the future optimism is knowing of the destination during the journey so you’ve got to keep on fighting even from the mat during the ten count. Fearful minds must keep moving. You must remember that this life is a dream. I’m living a dream or I’m dreaming about living and I have woken up. Which is it?

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