Paleomagnetism 700,000

Wandering the deserts for millions of years,

Having conquered weakness to seek new frontiers.

Evolution man seeks not to answer the question,

Rendering possible panacea, yes it is possible.

Erase things you believe to hold back your progression,

I visualize a fossil behold it is a skull.

Similarity a perplextion facade denial to unravel us.

Examining some within the soul of homosapian paragon,

Vowing pact within their kin quarrel among travelers,

Oversize brain time to ingrain we seize the dawn,

Likewise no surprise when they collapse before the fire,

Misunderstand the meaning of man, confused they pray to higher,

Traveling through dense woods trees ripping at their face,

Insects devouring there skin and they hunt with nimble grace,

Over the 33 thousand years lost without a trace,

Neanderthal man you must understand,

We did not intend to destroy your land.

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