No, it cannot be I found my moiety

Or perhaps just a paragon of shegrim duplicity

Semblance to a Sybil Akin to a dream

Unexplainable syncope Tell me what it means

Residing in my heart and never letting go

Plethora of wishes unto her I do bestow

Recall when I first gazed Deep into those eyes

I had no idea she had on A new disguise

She to my surprise was seeking for my love

Even so I was to know I had placed her high above

Sullen the years that were to follow that day

Having no clue that I was drifting away

Eternal depression I would fear the unknown

Having blood in my sweat and blood in my tears

Always seeking the wrong only wasting the years

So soon came the day I cut a bagel in half

Along came a woman with a magical laugh

Near to me vade mecuum, let me lead the way

I would love to skate into her heart starting with today

Reminding me of the daiquiri with sweet sensation of strawberry

Rendering sweet lips my pina colada tongue

The rest is history

Eating in the graveyard, but to us it was Eve’s garden

Something about her tenebrous hue makes my passion ardent

It’s no surprise that she disguise

Such an irresistible pukka pair of eyes

To her I give my works of art

All that I’ve created

Because she loves me for my heart

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