Ronda Rousey…Rocky or Rouse?

My wife apologized several times for spending money on the fight last night. It was Rousey vs. Nunes. I responded with saying that we witnessed history. I knew then that I had something to say about it. We witness the 2nd most embarrassing moment of this fighters life. Watching her get beat last night I was at the time wondering if it was her fame that even got her a card to be in the ring. She was clearly not in the same league as Nunes. I went through the the Twitter polls and saw that the world voted on Rousey winning by 64%. Really? Why would the world be so unanimous about the belief that she would make a Rocky Balboa type comeback?

We love a good movie where the champion faces a real opponent, gets beaten and comes back to be the best. But last nights demonstration of a real world attempt at recreating the scene we all wanted to watch was a slap in the face of optimism. I am reminded of the scene where Rocky’s trainer tells him that he has never faced a real fighter.

I have followed Ronda from the very first fight and have always considered a champion. But her hat trick was submission and not a standing fight. I know enough to know that many will agree.

I want so bad for Rhonda to come back. The world wants her to come back. This is something that only she can do for herself and I believe it will require her to forget everything she know and reinvent herself. I think we all could use her loss to define ourselves and reinvent ourselves into champions.

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