Rest is fine but sleep is great
I wish that I could sleep till late.
To close one eye it does no good
If I could close them both I would
I so some things I may regret
To sleep in late ain’t one I bet
There are different forms of sleep you see
I like the one that sets me free
One form of sleep one of the best
Is half asleep and half at rest
Or with a girl you have known awhile
That is what I call sleep in style
For sleeps the best thing in my life
Do not be stunned if I sleep with your wife
To sleep all day is nothing wrong
One day I’ll try a whole week long
I wait too much to catch a Z
And in you walk to bother me
Think of this you wake me now
My fist into your face I’ll plow
With what I have said I leave you choosin’
To wake me up or leave me snoozin’

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