So Soon

Cast a wish into the well see my penny how it shines

Only asking for one wish and that’s to have her mine

Under the delusions from my memories when I looked into those eyes

Love and joy I hear wedding bells and vows to truth and lies

Divinity was her name but now I’m no longer dreaming

Truth is the game and my heart has stopped it’s screaming

Happy am I and to what do I owe this day

I owe to thee the whole of me if to be with you I may

Something will happen so she has a second thought

But I can’t count on something that I haven’t got

Even without her I’ll live well alone

However it’s never I want that reap to be sewn

Even without her I can live being me

Remember she’s a star that all plainly see

Seldom I see her but she looks just like you

On a heartwarming river in my floating canoe

Servant of her wishes because I was once a toad

Ode to the queen the queen of my abode

Ode to you the supreme goddess of love

Now I pray I’m the finger that fit in your glove

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