Some of us left family their girlfriends or their wives

Some have left their children who have just begun their lives

With no expression on our faces all of us from different places

We have come here for a reason and some are now regretting

Why we put ourselves through this and what is it we are getting

Minds congested, eyes blood red a cadence rings inside our head

We force a smile , tell many jokes to cover up this mental hoax

Not knowing which is harder to hurry up and wait or scare our mind by wondering if your girl is on a date

Expect to leave here at a certain time the rumors spread to play the mind

There is very little, but a lot to do we try to make it better by holding on to special thoughts and praying for a letter

Gave us boots, sometimes a roof for our head

Gave us clothes, sometimes a warm, cozy bed

Inject us with a needle hydraulic cure all potion

Make me cut off most my hair and move me near the ocean

We tough it out like macho men we do the manly things again

Some have hopes of going home leave for what? ­ to avoid being alone

Why did I join this army, could it be a big mistake?

Did I stop to think ahead and see what it would take?

I guess I joined for discipline and for a life direction

But now I found just why I came at ease pay no attention

I now get paid to march and wait from break of day till it’s dark and late

But I see this as just a test I pass this one I’ll pass the rest

I will not tough this out men because this is not meant for me

I don’t have a plan for living with the U.S.­ Infantry

When I need to ask a question

I do expect a good reply

I have to live my life alone, alone is how I’ll die

You will have to stop the country that causes hostility

You are the group of soldiers the U.S.­ Infantry

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