Some of us left family their girlfriends or their wives

Some have left their children who have just begun their lives

With no expression on our faces all of us from different places

We have come here for a reason and some are now regretting

Why we put ourselves through this and what is it we are getting

Minds congested, eyes blood red a cadence rings inside our head

We force a smile , tell many jokes to cover up this mental hoax

Not knowing which is harder to hurry up and wait or scare our mind by wondering if your girl is on a date

Expect to leave here at a certain time the rumors spread to play the mind

There is very little, but a lot to do we try to make it better by holding on to special thoughts and praying for a letter

Gave us boots, sometimes a roof for our head

Gave us clothes, sometimes a warm, cozy bed

Inject us with a needle hydraulic cure all potion

Make me cut off most my hair and move me near the ocean

We tough it out like macho men we do the manly things again

Some have hopes of going home leave for what? ­ to avoid being alone

Why did I join this army, could it be a big mistake?

Did I stop to think ahead and see what it would take?

I guess I joined for discipline and for a life direction

But now I found just why I came at ease pay no attention

I now get paid to march and wait from break of day till it’s dark and late

But I see this as just a test I pass this one I’ll pass the rest

I will not tough this out men because this is not meant for me

I don’t have a plan for living with the U.S.­ Infantry

When I need to ask a question

I do expect a good reply

I have to live my life alone, alone is how I’ll die

You will have to stop the country that causes hostility

You are the group of soldiers the U.S.­ Infantry

Chaos­ and ­Embrolio

Give me just a moment to gather all my thoughts

Let me put together all the things that I have got

So many things are going on so little time to think

All the major “slip my minds” pass by in just a blink

I need some time to catch my breath so I can clearly see

What are all the details that have passed in front of me?

Plans are left uncertain, too many books to open

Piles of paper on my desk, I wonder how I am coping

Things to do and people to call

I look to the left and my coffee cup falls

I wipe it up quick with yesterday’s sock

I look at the wall only 7 o’ clock

What have I done to go though this trail?

When all I can do is just sit back and smile

I will one day take time

To walk barefoot on grass

And dream of the day that I see you kiss my ass


I never knew of failure, I’ve always known success

Expected so much more from me and never any less

When my life was going good and everything was right

I had to stop to bow my head and then gave up the fight

So now I wait for a second to chance this time I will not quit

I won’t be called a failure I’d rather stand not sit

Doubt and confusion feeling very blue

Real or just illusion lost on what to do

Fear and mass dilemma everything is fast

Try so hard to be the first and always wind up last

Physical and mental, times are getting rough

All that I am giving is never quite enough

I guess it was a mental block or maybe just a case

Of negative emotion that made me lose the race

The people who I called my friends

They now think it’s funny

I cannot wait for their rainy day

To laugh cause mine is sunny

I know that when my pain is gone and no more is to woe

I’ll stand upon the highest point and shout

           ” I told you so!”

Laughing at Adversity, from the book “Life…There’s An App for That”

You can change you state of mind from depression to bliss in an instant. That’s why drugs are so damn popular, because it’s a way of changing your state of mind without really trying. It’s a rather inexpensive way of artificially stimulating bliss. This laughter that I keep talking about a form of euphoria.

If you’re ever in the conflict are in a situation where the world is collapsing. You can literally reach over and grab your imaginary whippet has the boss is yelling at you and Telling you you’re fired. In your collapsing and falling apart and you’re ready to throw up or pass out or have an anxiety attack. Just reach over and grab your little whippet can and take a big old hit.

Yes, the application requires that you pull out your imaginary can of whipped cream, shake it, press the nozzle, and suck in all the air, and then suddenly you feel a rush and smile. You say,”hey man no problem,” and let out a little chuckle then watch as the adversities slowly melts away. I am sure the boardroom will now yell at you ask you what the hell are you doing? Just look at them like they’re completely insane. And in that thought laughter is for sure the funniest remedy.

Who knows, you could probably collect the insurance policy when the boss tells HR that you are completely insane. I use nitrous as an example but you can substitute it with an imaginary joint and a lighter. Just pull it out of your pocket and light it up and take a hit. I realize once again that this solution to a problem is rather unorthodox. However, I would rather laugh my way through adversity than cry, And besides you know this is some funny shit.