My Monterrey

I’m going to miss you my Monterrey so close and yet so far away

Were the sea otters plays, in the chill of the day and I dream my troubles away

Memories are made and troubles forgotten

Restaurants on the wharf and soup in bread shaped like a bowl

Peaceful waves crash on the shore cleansing the inner soul

The essence of life Carmel by the sea

My and my wife on day number three

I know that if I lived here I would soon forget

The troubles that find me awake in my bed

Warm summer nights and in winter the lights

Make me believe everything is all right

The air fills my lungs with a crisp in the air

My hands stroke the ocean in my long salty hair

But when I do leave you I’ll remember you’re there

Oh my Monterrey were I play in the day in your brown and your gray

My seas of Carmel were the legends do sell all their riches of lives in the dark

Lonesome tree floats off the sea reminds me of we in a white sandy park

Glistening sea calls unto me what can it be?

Was I a sailor? Was I a tailor? Or was I a leaf on that tree?

Waving in the breeze but my fingers don’t freeze I aim to please

Old rusted signs and in them I find a glimpse of inspiration

For in the new sun I’m aware of the fun of the felling of exhilaration

And so ill remember the cold morn in December when my ink flow like oceans on rocks

And I’ll think of the day and remember to play

And keep peace in my life and my thoughts

For this is my life to be here with my wife and to soak up the fat of this land

That to see her and me in Carmel by the sea

And to walk hand in hand in the cold winter sand

And to see the sunset and rise in this heaven on land

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