Can it be so real all within the hour

Hope in her, not fear, within her lies a power

Recall the beginning with a back dive she went in

I knew at that moment I was to play the violin

So where is the fault in this design am I to find out later?

To see her chasing after me without a flaw to evade her

I cannot say that she be we

Not to mention destiny

Apples and peaches I feel so gay

All of this beauty mashed into one

Never before has this tune been sung

No one can say she’s not one in a million

Even half of her half is the sum of quadrillion

Toast to the green surrounding the black

Even the viola tattooed on her back

Perhaps its a dream that past yesterday

Eat the fruit of the tree and I am alive on this day

Repulsive and putrid she must let me go

Even so let her know

Zealous you are a gem aglow

Away­ Street ­Lamp, Swim

Speechless and thoughtless

A mind born to wonder

What sort of spell are you

Putting me under

I stood by your window to wish you goodnight

Me and myself in a park with my pen to write

You knew I would be here

Yet you stayed in your bed

Only pray I am the vision

That rest in your head

Up I look in the direction

From which you would walk

And hope your perfection

Doesn’t injure my talk

What a crazy thought that comes to my mind

Hope that you could become half of mine

All I’d do, wondrous thing

For a jewel without a flaw

Yes, in your eyes I would stare in awe