Why do we want to apologize?

To those who are unclean

The walks in the parks may never return

If you step into the machine

What have I done to make this mess?

To use no soap and water

I know there was no other day

When the sun came out much hotter

Scream at the bush then I step on a thorn

The needle in the grass, it is my new foot that was torn

Dream of a song but the notes are not seen

I stop for the red and I charge at the green

Carpet­ Adhesive

I dreamt I could fly like a bird in the sky

I had gotten so high that I wanted to cry

When I landed on the ground

Took a quick look around

Today nobody will die

Tis a fine day when I am able to pray

To whomever I may

What a radical trick

No scintilla of sick

And the airs getting thick

In this state of mind what i am hoping to find

Is some time to unwind?

Dropping large pillars

On soft spongy filler

Who would have known?

That the pillars were killers

As I shout out the words, it is repeated and heard

Everyone gives a crap just when it is cured

If only I had come from the sky in the sun

Maybe then I could see that I’ve always been one