Can it be so real all within the hour

Hope in her, not fear, within her lies a power

Recall the beginning with a back dive she went in

I knew at that moment I was to play the violin

So where is the fault in this design am I to find out later?

To see her chasing after me without a flaw to evade her

I cannot say that she be we

Not to mention destiny

Apples and peaches I feel so gay

All of this beauty mashed into one

Never before has this tune been sung

No one can say she’s not one in a million

Even half of her half is the sum of quadrillion

Toast to the green surrounding the black

Even the viola tattooed on her back

Perhaps its a dream that past yesterday

Eat the fruit of the tree and I am alive on this day

Repulsive and putrid she must let me go

Even so let her know

Zealous you are a gem aglow

Carpet­ Adhesive

I dreamt I could fly like a bird in the sky

I had gotten so high that I wanted to cry

When I landed on the ground

Took a quick look around

Today nobody will die

Tis a fine day when I am able to pray

To whomever I may

What a radical trick

No scintilla of sick

And the airs getting thick

In this state of mind what i am hoping to find

Is some time to unwind?

Dropping large pillars

On soft spongy filler

Who would have known?

That the pillars were killers

As I shout out the words, it is repeated and heard

Everyone gives a crap just when it is cured

If only I had come from the sky in the sun

Maybe then I could see that I’ve always been one

ABC’s­ of­ Drugs

A is for acid psychedelic and free

B is the bong tokes bubbling for me

C is for coke to make one go wild

D is for drugs some too strong some too mild

E is everyone should try out a drug

F is the flame that sparks up my bud

G is for good kind of grass that I get

H is for high that I am you can bet

I for the Indica the best weed around

J is my joints rolled so fat and round

K is King Cole the merry old’ soul

L is the losers who can’t keep control

M is for Mary the Juana for me

N is say no ‘cuz you’re scared, you’re a sissy

O is to shout when your resin gets clustered

P is the pusher the man that you trusted

Q is the quality I’m able to buy

R is the resting I do when I’m high

S is for Skunkweed that I like the best

T is for Tie but it’s better than sess

U is for uppers when your life is a joke

V is the vile to hold wild man’s coke

W is the wanting when it is dry as a bone

X marks the spot were the druggies get stoned

Y is the question you’re parents will shout

Z is for zoning while they are flipping out

A Reason ­to ­Daydream  

On top of a hill, a breath scent of reality captured

Am I in a dimension here where I sit and they’re where I could be

The wind whispers sounds from the Southwest as if to say whom they are­

Who am I? ­

I am an atom spinning at indefinite speed beyond numbers

Off my surface flies liquid fragments of my hallucination and illusion

In every direction it impacts other objects with force Unimaginable

Flavor colored wishes and unreliable sources linger a warm

Cup of air and a dish full of light on the edge of a table

With no legs made of glass

The cup slips off and falls to the ceiling and cracks the marble

Along with the shattered pieces I clean a thought

What if I could grab the skinny stick on the clock and change its belief

Push back time just enough to see it fall…

I would have caught it

I can only accept this loss as my gain

I’ve never had a broken cup and cracked dish until now

The wind blows one last time to remind me it’s going to come my way again

It thanks me for the answer too