Loneliness and solitude since the day she let me go

Seeking out a different mood

And the song I did not know

I am not a quitter am a beginner

With the need to carry on

What is that I have begun?

Will be there when I’m gone

Yet still I do not understand loneliness

Nor can I say I may

But I do pity the lonely souls

Who has to feel this way?

A steady breeze is shifting clouds

A pink sky above the ocean

20 ft. above the water

On a Rock and my emotion

I know all humans have a mind

And the thought they called their own

And the still with all the thousand minds

How does it feel to feel to be alone?

Somebody things that must do

Before my time will end

And although many thoughts I have

You would never comprehend

I cry alone so none may see

The kind of man I’ve longed to be


Why do we want to apologize?

To those who are unclean

The walks in the parks may never return

If you step into the machine

What have I done to make this mess?

To use no soap and water

I know there was no other day

When the sun came out much hotter

Scream at the bush then I step on a thorn

The needle in the grass, it is my new foot that was torn

Dream of a song but the notes are not seen

I stop for the red and I charge at the green

Twenty-four From Now

What will I do tomorrow when I’m finished with today
Will the day be soaked in boredom or may I go out and play
On the inside I’m wet
On the inside I can’t forget
On the outside I cry
On the outside I wonder why
A bird with a broken wing has his reason not to sing
Many trees an open field but only one had fruit to yield