Concrete my home never felt so warm

Reliving tomorrow though you may never ask

So please spare me you’re left ear

In the edge of the cloud lies a cut in the sky

I am telling of something I see with my eyes

Can’t help but to fear when you grab with your hand

Keep shouting by chirping,

Would you try to understand?

Even when I stop you still ramble away

Try to live your life like mine for I only live a day


Hot orange dancing in the breeze

Passing through blackening all the trees

Filling the air with thick grey smoke

Rising fume the leaves begin to choke

Sweeping beyond tall weeds

Burning through the grass

Praying that my scorching heat will wither down and pass

Here to kill the growing land

My flames keep growing higher

I’m passing by so shake my hand

And call me Forest Fire


Why do we want to apologize?

To those who are unclean

The walks in the parks may never return

If you step into the machine

What have I done to make this mess?

To use no soap and water

I know there was no other day

When the sun came out much hotter

Scream at the bush then I step on a thorn

The needle in the grass, it is my new foot that was torn

Dream of a song but the notes are not seen

I stop for the red and I charge at the green

Carpet­ Adhesive

I dreamt I could fly like a bird in the sky

I had gotten so high that I wanted to cry

When I landed on the ground

Took a quick look around

Today nobody will die

Tis a fine day when I am able to pray

To whomever I may

What a radical trick

No scintilla of sick

And the airs getting thick

In this state of mind what i am hoping to find

Is some time to unwind?

Dropping large pillars

On soft spongy filler

Who would have known?

That the pillars were killers

As I shout out the words, it is repeated and heard

Everyone gives a crap just when it is cured

If only I had come from the sky in the sun

Maybe then I could see that I’ve always been one

Fowl Love Flavor (Acidic)

       For me it was a joke just another part of living

Open my heart to a whole new half

                  And now its I who’s giving

Weeping and my lips are dry

             Any second part not lick them

Leaving my mouth with this fowl taste

        My lips with saliva, I trick them

Love has an aftertaste with a strange indigestion

Or may it be my mind

     As it tries to ask a question

Venus, from me you stole emotion still am I under your potion

Even the tides if they stop for a day would shift the seven oceans

Feelings like these are pitiful lacking discourse of reason

Leaving me but once again

                  My winter a frosty season

All and all I’, still the same the blind in search for love

Venus awaits me and I with my wings I fly her high above

Oh but his taste it burns my tongue and I melt as if on fire

Remember her or just a dream she was half of my desire