A Reason ­to ­Daydream  

On top of a hill, a breath scent of reality captured

Am I in a dimension here where I sit and they’re where I could be

The wind whispers sounds from the Southwest as if to say whom they are­

Who am I? ­

I am an atom spinning at indefinite speed beyond numbers

Off my surface flies liquid fragments of my hallucination and illusion

In every direction it impacts other objects with force Unimaginable

Flavor colored wishes and unreliable sources linger a warm

Cup of air and a dish full of light on the edge of a table

With no legs made of glass

The cup slips off and falls to the ceiling and cracks the marble

Along with the shattered pieces I clean a thought

What if I could grab the skinny stick on the clock and change its belief

Push back time just enough to see it fall…

I would have caught it

I can only accept this loss as my gain

I’ve never had a broken cup and cracked dish until now

The wind blows one last time to remind me it’s going to come my way again

It thanks me for the answer too

Epigraph, Who I Am

My character is my concern and not my reputation,

My character is who I am and not imagination.

I cannot plant a seed today and expect a tree tomorrow,

My mind is what evaluates my pleasure from my sorrow.

I will always see the light I know I’m going to make it,

Things never change its people that do I have learned to live and take it.

 To the dull mind the world is cloudy,

And life is dark and mild.

To the enlightened mind.

  The world grows bright and every day a newborn child.

Experience is not what happens to me it’s what I do with what happens in life.

I am a lit torch of victory; I’m the edge of a sharpened knife,

It’s not enough to have a good mind it’s important to use it well,

So many things I need to say, so many I can’t tell.

And with a rod and prop strong enough

I’ll move the largest mountain.

I’m the still water of a wishing well

Wishing to be a fountain

I am not “I was” or “I will be”



I am not I was or I will Be…I AM