Not another I love you

Like an earthquake in the middle of the night came a fright… you may be right

All along convinced I’m strong you strung me along… I was wrong

Somehow I let my fears hide my tears for all these years

Through the night you seem to sleep and in your dreams I know you weep along

Only you can change that feeling strange about my ever being gone

Never before and never again will I ever curse my only friend

Even in anger and even in pain will I ever want to lose you again

So from today till they become tomorrow I will vow mean to cause you sorrow

To my wife my rest of life my giver of hope my deliverer of promise I am new

And though today you may say that I will go back to ways before

Not now not ever will sometimes removed by weather I must come back for more

Delicate flower petals in shower move me to see you not

In the middle of night when you awake from your fright I will hold you and hush you to sleep

Next in the morning I hope to awake to a wonderful sunshine and a forgotten mistake

Giving you what you need and not expecting reward the respect you deserve and a little bit more

When will this happen? And how can this be? I lie or a reason for living with me

As you go through your day and you give what you can, can I offer you me and my helping hand

Some where in front and just to the right I will give you my love and a kiss in the night

You might push me away and be weary with doubt over what I am after and what’s this about

Oh my sweet living human I can only reply that I love you forever and after I die

Undercover with hubby and baby and you I wish us forever and a today we are new

Knight Seeker 

The knight that rides through tenebrous woods in search of a runaway princess

He gallops with vigor about the moonlit trees in hope she eclipse duress

Entire lake beds rippling waters that sparkle below the moon

Kindling fires which burn inside that he may find her soon

Not fearing the Kimura that breaths fire and flies up in the skies

Inside the cave grows shoots of frosty grass tales of dragon only lies

Glistening are the hairs of his horses main, which she once brushed with care

Her fate is in the cards and her perfume fills the air

The quagmire does not placate his quixotic passion in search of what belongs

Where can she be ask he in fears of missing what he longs

His solitude starts brush fire in his heart and sings to the strings of love

Open path that leads two ways one below and one above

Searching in a cave fearing the attack of the leopard or the lion

Exiting the rain begging and down on his knees starts crying

Echoes of his scream reach the other end of earth

Kristina the princess hears the sound and discovers a rebirth

She stands to her feet and shouts out loud the shrieks echo with the name

Silhouettes of monsters move around once again she calls out” James”

He hears her shout where can she be or do the woods play tricks on me

And mount her horse to set her free

Like the winds of a storm he rides the breeze

Like the birds of night he skims the trees

Finally he sees a fire and with hasty speed he post

In the field of grass she lies on ground fearing what was feared most

No it can’t be the tales are myths but do mine eyes deceive

Destruction by flame the lizard breaths my strength do not deceive me

The Gods of earth and one of sea must aid me to fight the fight

Hercules my adrenalin flow dragon fire and moonlight

Extracting my sword and down my shield to protest my fear of the slaughter

So I may one day win the hand of the King’s daughter

Off of my steed I leapt and the canon in my arm did blow

Under the belly of the serpent my sword I do thrust

Grab hold of the tail he groans my body he did throw

He falls to the ground and flames burn down I gain the woman’s trust

Take her hand and mount my horse and ride against the rain

And feel remorse for the death of my foe and guilt his heart in pain

For maybe he meant no harm to her only to see her face

Those green luminescent eyes of pure he found a resting place

Enter the town by the break of dawn and tell of dragons’ dead

Remember the day till I forever lay when the princess and I wed

Coca-Cola­ Gal

Wonderful moments have been engulfing me

Seeking refuge in her reality

If it is the best of the classics or two out of three

I once had the Coca-Cola gal sipping soda with me

The contents of her package appearing larger than small

A little doll from a far away place

Where the stars begin to fall

Maybe it is illusion or a warped realistic state

I don’t seem to cross the avenue and if I do I may be too late

Stop, what have you done you have fallen on your face

Ending me senses and before her is my taste

You fool don’t you see who it is am I

Why is it my heart has developed such a sty

End of the rope or the top of a ladder

Showing to me that your life has been sadder

Who is your doctor when the rope burns your hand?

Shredding to pieces your skin in the sand

Soda pop gal I am convinced by the bubbles

That to me I can see that you are nothing but trouble

Half of a moon for me in the sky

And a sky not so blue nonetheless let me fly

Circle (Flesh Mesh)

Fantastic the feeling of hearing the moans

Loving the moments sharing my stones

Equal now with her hair to the ground

Somehow looking for flaw in this gem I have found

Hold on to her spine with a moment breathtaking

Massaging her skin as she’s violently shaking

Explosion of light comes my gift of lovemaking

Simmer down trade moisture lay down to mesh

Having won the battle between minds and the flesh



You may never receive sensitivity

I don’t give what I possess

Still there is no need for you to change and give me your stress

Five pennies a nickel you were four pennies short from being

The mission I would not abort

But bitch you are a psycho when you go on a trip

Play the same record and the needle does skip

Pissen me off with her fickle emotions

I wish he to sink in a bottomless ocean

Clue less and roaming the mysterious heart

Only doing the things that would tear us apart

Go on with ideas that I never cared

And live like a fool acting brave when you are scared

But when I am gone maybe then you will see

That you were the one that would not let us be