Circle (Flesh Mesh)

Fantastic the feeling of hearing the moans

Loving the moments sharing my stones

Equal now with her hair to the ground

Somehow looking for flaw in this gem I have found

Hold on to her spine with a moment breathtaking

Massaging her skin as she’s violently shaking

Explosion of light comes my gift of lovemaking

Simmer down trade moisture lay down to mesh

Having won the battle between minds and the flesh


Fowl Love Flavor (Acidic)

       For me it was a joke just another part of living

Open my heart to a whole new half

                  And now its I who’s giving

Weeping and my lips are dry

             Any second part not lick them

Leaving my mouth with this fowl taste

        My lips with saliva, I trick them

Love has an aftertaste with a strange indigestion

Or may it be my mind

     As it tries to ask a question

Venus, from me you stole emotion still am I under your potion

Even the tides if they stop for a day would shift the seven oceans

Feelings like these are pitiful lacking discourse of reason

Leaving me but once again

                  My winter a frosty season

All and all I’, still the same the blind in search for love

Venus awaits me and I with my wings I fly her high above

Oh but his taste it burns my tongue and I melt as if on fire

Remember her or just a dream she was half of my desire